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Richard has decided to make a full size remote control car using the electric G-Wiz. But first its going to need a few modifications, and then its over to The Stig.

Namaste friends, please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE :) The REVAi, known as G-Wiz in the United Kingdom, is a small micro electric car, made by the Indian ...

The Lainemobile. Top Kleeneze delivery car! (Car?)

Michael Boxwell says goodbye to his REVA G-Wiz, his first ever electric car, and takes it for a last drive.

AC versus DC GWiz Hillclimb.

A look and drive of the new Reva GWiz i electric car in London. Also check out which has ... This is a test for a GWiz with a 85Ah AGM battery. They normally have a 225Ah pack. This is a project to make a road legal float.

G wiz on the road again... Racing home from the doctors in the super duper Gwiz Mega Thunderblast Apollo 'I' Thrust...! ;-)) FEEL the POWER!!!! :)

Driving the Nice Megacity EV.

Plugging it in the superduper G wiz Thunderblast Apollo I thrust to charge up it's mighty power source.

Love these little electric vehicles they look like they have personality.

Are electric cars really ready for prime-time? took Goingreen's G-Wiz and NICE's Mega City for a spin in London to find out.

This is the World's Fastest Reva which is running on the Hayabusa engine. This car is definitely into Supercar territory with Quarter mile record of 11.7 seconds !

Earlier this month, while nobody was noticing, Mahindra pulled the spiritual successor to the infamous G-Wiz electric car from sale in the UK, citing poor sales ...

G wiz speed freaks setting the road on fire...!

Me and Mark Torrence, ragsin it round Imperial College, in the beast that is the G-wiz electric car.

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