Richard has decided to make a full size remote control car using the electric G-Wiz. But first its going to need a few modifications, and then its over to The Stig.

A G-Wiz Electric Car is put through a Euro NCAP 40mph off set crash test. The results are terrible. Both driver and passenger would have almost certainly ...

Namaste friends, please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE :) The REVAi, known as G-Wiz in the United Kingdom, is a small micro electric car, made by the Indian ...

This is now sold ..But ..see all our eco friendly cars at

G-Wiz from GoinGreen Video.

Are electric cars really ready for prime-time? took Goingreen's G-Wiz and NICE's Mega City for a spin in London to find out.

The Lainemobile. Top Kleeneze delivery car! (Car?)

Earlier this month, while nobody was noticing, Mahindra pulled the spiritual successor to the infamous G-Wiz electric car from sale in the UK, citing poor sales ...

A look and drive of the new Reva GWiz i electric car in London.

G-wiz i crash test.

The mighty 500 BHP Ford Mustang vs an electrical car...if you cand call that thing a car.

The amazing electric car built by the finest crew Top Gear has to offer. As seen in season 14 episode 2 this great car was made to rival the easy to beat G-Wiz.

Michael Boxwell says goodbye to his REVA G-Wiz, his first ever electric car, and takes it for a last drive.

Angela has been using electric cars on a daily basis for the past four years, both a REVA G-Wiz, and more recently a Mitsubishi iMiEV. She has written about her ...

For original blog post, click here: Last month after helping a customer relocate to ... Also check out which has ...

Driving the Nice Megacity EV.

Me and Mark Torrence, ragsin it round Imperial College, in the beast that is the G-wiz electric car.

Taking a Reva Gwiz for a quick spin and showing the inside.

Plugging it in the superduper G wiz Thunderblast Apollo I thrust to charge up it's mighty power source.

AC versus DC GWiz Hillclimb.

I am riding in a G-Wiz electric car by Reva.

A trip in our little G wiz - FEEL the POWER!!!!! ;-))

So keen on overtaking a cyclist at pinch point... but a group of distracted pedestrians foil his brilliant plan to get to the next set of lights 5 seconds earlier.

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